News & Tips in the Music Business from an independent artist

  • - How to make money of all your beats without selling them is a revolutionary platform for music producers, beatmakers & artists to earn money with their music in many different ways. Sell your beats to artists. Get paid for beat plays in 3 ways (streaming-income). Get paid for subscription referral. Get paid commission fee from other people's sales.
  • Exclusive Beats vs. Leasing Beats - The Musician's Dilemma

    Choosing between owning exclusive instrumentals or leasing beats in music creation involves trade-offs. Exclusive instrumentals offer control and creativity but at a higher cost and limited selection. Renting beats is cost-effective with more variety but comes with usage restrictions and lacks exclusivity. Understanding these trade-offs helps artists make informed decisions aligned with their musical goals, as both options contribute significantly to the music industry.
  • Sampling made easy - How AI can help you sample anything you like in minutes

    Lalal.AI is a notable cloud-based software that employs AI algorithms to break down audio files into separate instrument, vocal, and drum tracks. This allows music producers to efficiently extract and combine specific elements to create new compositions. In the past, isolating individual elements was a laborious and time-consuming task, limiting creativity. However, Lalal.AI addresses this challenge by enabling quick and easy extraction and rearrangement of song elements, eliminating technical concerns. Moreover, Lalal.AI's AI algorithms can analyze audio files in complex ways, making it a powerful tool for music producers to unleash their creativity and produce innovative music. Lalal.AI has significantly contributed to the field of AI-assisted music production, facilitating the realization of creative ideas.